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Company Overview

We are a small, privately owned company offering Non-emergency Medical Transportation services. Springing from the personal ethics of its ownership & management, Meekins Senior Shuttle provides competent and kind attention to patients with transportation disabilities. We sincerely believe that delicate observation & care for patient needs coupled with laser-like execution of dispatching and back­ end systems will naturally create strong business relationships and market growth as we expand operations nationwide.

It is our strongest mission to treat each patient with the utmost respect and genuine care while they are being attended to by our drivers and staff, whether in the vehicle or on the phone. Great effort will be made to assess and thereafter improve the quality of care provided by our company. This includes follow-ups with clients & patients during or after service.

Drivers will be routinely trained and properly certified to respond to patient needs in case of emergency. Management will provide continuing training to all staff to ensure keeping safety and high levels of care at the forefront of our attitudes and objectives. Staff will be regularly rewarded for maintaining safe & clean workplaces while demonstrating that they are not only constantly aware of potential hazards but are uninhibited & encouraged to report them along with their proposals to reduce or eliminate the foreseen hazards. In addition, all staff will be encouraged and rewarded for taking a personal interest in improving our company & standard of care.

As you are applying today, ask yourself if you want to work for a company that not only values your opinion but asks for you to express yourself on any work-related issue. We want to provide the best environment and give you the tools to be able to SAFELY & TIMELY complete your job. We expect the best work ethic from our employees and management, because what we do directly affects patients that are in pain, afraid, and sometimes facing the worst times of their lives. We have an opportunity to offer a glimmer of literal & figurative sunshine to people that are seniors, but may not have access to transportation. What we do is vital to their healthcare and human dignity.

As our company grows, there will be many opportunities for growth with us. If you are chosen for the position for which you are applying, rest-assured that we take notice of those who give an honest day’s work along while providing extraordinary responsibility in their custody of patients. We are looking for people to grow with us in many capacities. So please take your time in your interview and give us your heartfelt answers and be sure to ask us any questions that you may have as well. Best wishes and we hope to work with you!


Carolyn Jenkins-Meekins – Owner

Job Description


  • Our drivers are compassionate, caring, dependable, and responsible individuals charged with getting clients to their destinations safely and on time.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Show up to work in a timely manner with a neat & clean uniform and appearance as described later in this handbook.

  • Must have valid Driver License for at least 7 consecutive years

  • Take work orders from dispatcher for client trip to transport clients to their destinations on time while safely assisting clients as they get into and out of the vehicle and inside of their pickup & drop-off locations

  • Must as requested/needed transfer in and out of vehicle various items, such as walkers and luggage for patients

  • Report traffic & patient delays enroute back to dispatcher

  • Must be able to drive a vehicle for long periods of time and tolerate in inclement weather despite discomfort

  • Immediately report any incidents, accidents, injuries, or exposures to hazardous materials to the dispatcher after ensuring safety of yourself, the client(s), vehicle, and general public as much as possible

  • Record on “Accident, Incidents, Injuries, form very specific details of any incidents, accidents, injuries, after reporting to the dispatcher and after ensuring safety of yourself, the client(s), vehicle, and general public as much as possible

  • Turn in all paperwork on time, as described in “Driver Employee Handbook” or as requested by supervisor

  • Must adhere to and comply with all safety and documentation requirements as described in “Driver/Technician Employee Handbook”

  • Responsible for maintaining cleanliness and safety of entire vehicle by following cleaning and safety procedures & policies as described in “Driver Employee Handbook”

  • Adhere to any and all company policies and protocol as described in “Driver Employee Handbook” and read & sign all new-hire agreements

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Must have previous customer service experience with a good track record of assisting customers in a thoughtful, caring, safe, and timely manner

  • Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License with experience in driving passenger vehicles

  • Must have a clean Florida driving record with no points in the past 3 years and no more than two points in the past 7 years

  • Must have a credible work history with a track record of being a reliable responsible individual (must provide references from previous employer)

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED

Preferred Skills

  • Know how to keep a level head in a busy environment

  • Must be enthusiastic about helping people

  • Great communication skills and ability to use technology to navigate and record events

  • A good road knowledge of the area & traffic patterns that you will be working in is a plus

  • First Aid/CPR certification a plus but not required (we will train and certify you if needed)

Additional Notes

  • The candidate for this position will be a great communicator, enthusiastic about the opportunity, and have experience in customer service. Training will be provided. Timeliness is a must.